The services we offer are: Psychoanalytic PsychotherapyJungian Therapy, Psychodynamic Counselling, Couple Counselling, EMDR, Stress Management & Supervision.

We provide these services by Skype, FaceTime, & Phone worldwide, including: the UK, the USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore & Hong Kong. Currently, due to Coronavirus / Covid19, we are not providing an in person service from our consulting room in Seaton, Devon, UK.

We offer help with:
Relationship issues
Depression & sadness
Anxiety & stress
Couple counselling
Emotional literacy
Adoption issues
Loss & bereavement 
Past or recent trauma
Emotional abuse
Physical abuse
Sexual abuse
Separation & divorce
Sexual problems
Pornography addiction
Low self esteem
Self awareness
Life transitions
Highly sensitive people
Ageing processes

Psychotherapy and counselling by Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or phone  has become increasingly popular. This could currently be due to people's concerns around Coronavirus, but it may be because you are short of time or, perhaps there isn't a qualified, experienced psychotherapist or counsellor working nearby.

We provide Jungian & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic Counselling, EMDR Therapy & Psychoanalytic Supervision, all by Skype, FaceTime or phone. If you would like psychotherapy by phone, we would prefer to see you by Skype, Zoom or FaceTime first for one or two sessions.

In his Poetics, Aristotle claimed that art is not imitative - photographic - it is symbolic of an underlying reality. This underlying reality, understood from a psychoanalytic point of view, is the inner world of the unconscious, composed of emotions, memories and apprehensions. When Aristotle speaks of tragedy being cathartic, he is referring to a spectator, watching a play, identifying with the protagonist's plight. In this identification, the spectator feels pity and fear for the protagonist's predicament and by following the story, within the skin of the protagonist, the spectator feels calmed, contained and cleansed in their own personal plight. Within this description, Aristotle is not arguing for art as moral edification, but for art as therapy - a Dionysian evocation of powerful feelings, which are, during the course of the play, processed and calmed.

Is this not what happens within Jungian therapy and other forms of personal development, which use introspection? Our internal world, our unconscious, our dream life evokes, mulls over and processes difficult material - memories, feelings, apprehensions.

The dream  is the royal road to these processes and every night, aware or unaware, we engage in these processes within the dream. The more aware we are of our dream world, integrate its preoccupations and processes into our conscious world and attempt to understand the subtext of that story, the more able we become to live our lives with integrity.

The dream is not the only area where this work can take place. Other forms of potential introspective work are, creative writing, painting, sculpture, photography, dance, music, photography and Jung's methodology of active imagination.

With all these methodologies there are basic technical requirements which enhance their therapeutic validity.

1. Negative Capability
The poet, John Keats said, in a letter of 21st December 1817, that Shakespeare had a capacity, when he was writing, to have a blank screen in his mind, free of plans and expectations of what he was about to write - " a negative capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason." This mentality of allowing material to emerge from the unconscious and to openly listen to it is fundamentally important during processes of artistic introspection.

2. Ego Romance versus Honesty

When a poet or artist is creating or reviewing their work, they are listening to the muse / unconscious and also to rational processes. Some of this material is about yearning after truth, some of it is defensive, self deceitful, ego aggrandising trickery. It's very important during processes of personal developmental introspection to try our best to discern between the romance with the ego and the radical honesty of the poetic imagination. For more about this topic, click here.

3. Approaching an Understanding of the Subtext

In discussing dream interpretation, Freud distinguishes between the manifest and latent content of dreams. The manifest content of the dream is the surface story - the fierce captain is terrifying the little boy. The latent content is the underlying meaning - the subtext - the little boy part of the person feels intimidated by the violent father he had. There is a log trailed behind the ship. The manifest content is that this is a device to measure the distance through the water in the ship's voyage. The latent content is that the patient is no longer a little boy and can use the record of the log - i.e. the logos or word to make sense of and process and heal the wounds of father's violence. This process of approaching an understanding of the unconscious is crucial in working with artistic introspection.

4. Working Alone or With a Therapist

In the same way that being an artist is a democratic process - we are all poets & artists, we can all express symbolic stories emanating from the unconscious, we are also all capable of learning to understand the subtext of this material. However, in learning how to do this with negative capability and honesty, it can be handy to have the guidance of a therapist.

If you would like some help in doing this kind of work with artistic introspection, please contact me at;

Michael Friedrich
01297 625006 
07989 000088 
11 Wessiters, Seaton, Devon, 
EX12 2PW, U.K.

I provide psychotherapy & counselling for couples who are experiencing some difficulties in their relationship. I provide this couple / marital psychotherapy in our consulting room in East Devon and through Skype and Facetime. 

We offer Psychotherapy, Counselling and Supervision from our consulting room in Seaton, for East Devon, West Dorset, South Somerset and worldwide by Skype. Michael  provides an Individual and Couple Therapy service and supervision for psychotherapists & counsellors in Exeter for one day a week. In addition to individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy, Michael offers Couple / Relationship Counselling and he provides Continuing Professional Development Training to psychotherapists and counsellors. Monika provides the additional service of EMDR Therapy, which can be helpful with trauma and phobias. Are you experiencing difficulties with your relationship? Are you feeling depressed or generally upset? Do you get to feel overwhelmed by anxiety, stress or panic attacks? Are you dealing with painful feelings due to loss or bereavement? Have you had a recent change in your life leading to stressful feelings? Do you have difficult feelings around adoption? Do you have painful feelings due to emotional, sexual or physical abuse in childhood? Do you think that you and your partner might benefit from couple counselling? Are you suffering from painful feelings due to separation or divorce? Are issues around your sexuality or sexual problems concerning you? Are you struggling with strong feelings such as irritability, guilt or envy? Do you feel frustrated because you cannot become who you really are? Are you bothered by feelings of worthlessness, low self- esteem or lack of confidence? Are you using food, drugs, alcohol or gambling in a way that's detrimental to you? Do you feel alone or isolated? Do you suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder? Are you feeling very uncomfortable in your family or at work? Is life becoming very difficult or unbearable due to any of the above feelings or situations? Michael Friedrich provides Couple Relationship Counselling & Psychotherapy by Skype & Facetime in your own home anywhere in the world and in his consulting room in Seaton, East Devon, UK. Couple Counselling is a way in which couples can meet with someone else so that difficulties in the relationship can be diminished. We work from our consulting rooms in Seaton, Devon,  providing counselling, psychotherapy & supervision for Exeter, Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Colyton, Sidmouth, Honiton, Seaton, Axminster, Chard, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Beaminster, Crewkerne, Tiverton, Dorchester, Cullompton, Tauntom, Yeovil, Ottery St Mary or Bridport. We work from our consulting rooms in Seaton, Devon,  providing counselling, psychotherapy & supervision for Exeter, Exmouth, Budleigh Salterton, Colyton, Sidmouth, Honiton, Seaton, Axminster, Chard, Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Beaminster, Crewkerne, Tiverton, Dorchester, Cullompton, Tauntom, Yeovil, Ottery St Mary or Bridport.  We provide a wide range of counselling, psychotherapy & supervision services. We can help people with the followowing  issues: depression & anxiety relationship issues, difficulties with self esteem,  problems around adoption,  substance misuse, bereavement , effects of childhood trauma, a sense of lack of meaning to life, creative & artistic struggles, professional, sexual or spiritual identity issues.  We provide Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Counselling by Skype. Skype, phone & Facetime psychoanalytic supervision.  We provide psychoanalytic and psychodynamic supervision for counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. We do this in person, in our consulting room in East Devon and by Skype, Facetime or phone for therapists working anywhere in the world. Of course it can seem difficult working with a supervisor you haven't met, but sometimes there isn't an appropriately qualified and experienced supervisor working locally. If at all possible, we like to have an initial one or two face to face sessions. The theoretical model we use is psychoanalytic and psychodynamic and our preferred way of working is similar to that described in Patrick Casement's book, " On Learning from the Patient" - in other words, a modern British Object Relations approach, favouring the work of Winnicott and Bion. However, because we have worked extensively in the NHS, we are pragmatic in our approach. We consider that the central task of the supervisor is to provide a facilitative environment to assist the therapist in following the content of the client's material, both what is on  the surface and what the underlying meanings might be. We also place a strong emphasis on keeping the therapist and patient safe. This means helping the therapist to maintain a manageable caseload and also helping them with risk assessment.Please feel free to call us to have a free preliminary discussion to explore whether it might be a good enough fit. We are open to working with counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists who haven't had a formal psychodynamic or psychoanalytic training. We provide psychoanalytic & psychodynamic supervision in Seaton, Devon. We therefore provide a face to face supervision service for places like: Sidmouth, Lyme Regis, Honiton, Axminster, Exeter, Bridport & Chard. From September, Michael will be providing psychoanalytic and psychodynamic supervision in Exeter, therefore providing a service for surrounding areas such as: Bridport, Weymouth, Poole, Bournemouth, Yeovil, Sherborne, Wimborne, Beaminster and Blandford Forum. We also provide supervision by Skype & phone. The theoretical model we use is psychoanalytic and psychodynamic. Counselling can help sensitive people in various ways.  Sensitive people tend to be more easily hurt and troubled by difficult experiences than the rest of the population. It is therefore very common that counselling clients are highly sensitive. Psychotherapists can help highly sensitive people with these emotional difficulties resultant from being highly sensitive in what is often an abrasive and traumatising world. Also, therapists can explain to highly sensitive people that their particular temperament has a lot of advantages. This re-framing can be very useful because we live in a world where people in power are often not so sensitive and where the dominant ideology is anti - sensitive and sensitive people are often thus defined negatively I have a long and wide ranging experience of working with difficulties pertinent to men in my work in the NHS, privately and in the voluntary sector.  I offer psychoanalytic psychotherapy from my consulting rooms in Exeter and in Seaton, Devon. I also work over the phone and with Skype for anywhere in the world.  Michael Friedrich I have a long and wide ranging experience of working with difficulties pertinent to women in my work in the NHS, privately and in the voluntary sector.  I offer counselling/psychotherapy from my consulting room in Seaton, east Devon & over the phone and with Skype anywhere in the world


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counselling exeter, counsellor exeter pswychjot6herapy exeter, psychotherapist exeter, psychoanalysis exeter psychoanalyst exeter, psychoanalytic psychotherapy exeter psychoanalytic psychotherapist exeter, psychoanalytic supervision exeter Counselling for Sidmouth,Counselling for Lyme Regis, Counselling for Axminster, Couselling for Bridport,  Counselling for Exeter, Counselling f SidmoIt's a good idea to reduce stress, because being highly stressed may lead to a range of negative consequences such as:

physical illness,
being impulsive & thus making bad decisions with negative consequences,
unhelpful stress reduction tactics eg. alcohol, sex addiction, drugs
being emotionally upset,
increased relationship difficulties,
staying in comfort zone & avoiding doing things which could advance your life ,
 being too stressed to do something well, eg. failing exams,
sleep difficulties,
anger and irritability leading in turn to a range of difficulties.

All of these negative responses to stress are due to the fight & flight response, which is inbuilt in us in an evoloutionary way. In their natural habitat it was generally handy for our ancestors to be able to fight or run away. However, nowadays a lot of the fight, flight & freeze responses, which were handy for our ancestors can be very unhelpful. 

By being able to reduce stress, it's possible to have a calmer "headspace" in which thought, mourning, empathy, etc. can take place, generally resulting in a better quality of life. It was only, for example, because some of our ancestors were able to, "put a thought between an impulse & an act" (Freud) that houses, tools & weapons were invented.

Stress reduction coaching can be used on its own as a stand alone personal development methodology or it can be used in conjunction with psychoanalytic therapy, psychological therapies or counselling.

In a reduced stressed state of mind, it is far more possible to:
negotiate interpersonal difficulties,
to think through a problem and come to a better decision,
to come from under the duvet and be able to do new & different things,
to feel OK about being yourself.

The stress reduction therapies we offer are:
hypnotherapy, self hypnosis, yoga nidra, meditation, mindfulness, guided visualisation, active imagination, breathing exercises for deep relaxation and self exploration through art work & dreams.

If you would like to book a session or find out more regarding our work, you can contact us at:or Seaton, Counselling for East Devon, Counselling for West Dorset, Counselling for South Somerset. Counsellor for Axminster, Counsellofor Sidmouth, Counsellor for Lyme Regis, Counsellor for Bridport, Counsellor for Exeter, Counsellor for Seaton, Counsellor for East Devon, Counsellor for West Dorset, Counsellor for South Somerset. Psychotherapy for Axminster, Psychotherapy for Lyme Regis, Psychotherapy for Sidmouth, Psychotherapy for Bridport, Psychotherapy for Exeter, Psychotherapy for Seaton, Psychotherapy for East Devon, Psychotherapy for West Dorset, Pychotherapy for South Somerset. Psychotherapist for Sidmouth, Psychotherapist for Lyme Regis, Psychotherapist for Axminster, Psychotherapist for Bridport, Psychotherapist for Exeter, Psychotherapist for Seaton,Psychotherapist for East Devon, Psychotherapist for West Dorset, Psychotherapist for South Somerset. 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