Psychotherapy & Counselling

 Counselling & Psychotherapy can provide you with a safe place in which to talk about your difficulties. This can support you through difficulties & help you to clarify things.

We can help with the following kinds of difficulties:

- Relationship problems, this includes working with individual clients who are having difficulty within their current relationship and single people who are having
 difficulty finding and establishing a relationship with a suitable partner.

- Depression, which might be the result of things which happened a long time ago. This could include; neglect, rejection or abandonment by a care giver, being adopted, having an alcoholic parent or being physically, sexually or emotionally abused. Depression might alternatively be due to more recent events. Perhaps the main kind of recent event which might lead to depression is loss, which can include bereavement, divorce, separation, loss of a job, retirement and losses associated with the ageing process. 

- Anxiety, which might be due to a combination of factors such as; innate high sensitivity, trauma - especially trauma experienced in childhood, an overly protective or chaotic family culture, lots of change & difficult life events.

We realize that it's difficult to embark on therapy and that it's difficult to find someone you feel comfortable working with.
 We invite you to look through the pages of our website in order to explore whether we offer the  kind of therapy which might suit your individual needs.

For further information, please contact us at:
Landline 0044 (0)1297 625006
Michael's mobile 0044 (0)7989 000088
Monika's mobile 0044 (0)7890 556email;
11 Wessiters, Seaton, Devon, EX12 2PW, U.K